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Mutual Fund

A Mutual Fund is a professionally managed investment fund. Such funds create wealth for diversified investing into multiple companies belonging to different industries. Save taxes and grow your wealth at the same time.

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Health Insurance​

Health insurance allows you to cover for your medical expenses that may arise untimely or in the future with age. It allows savings on medical expenses, either partly or fully based on the plan picked by the individual.

Life Insurance​

Life insurance allows an individual to safeguard family from financial stress in the unfortunate event of death of the individual. This can be considered as an insurance as well as a safer investment opportunity.

General Insurance

You could consider taking insurance for your car, bike, home, travel etc. These covers will protect you from financial stress in the event anything were to happen to your possessions, assets or plans.


I have been invested in mutual funds via SmartNivesh since quite some time now. Their senior advisor guided me personally and took time in understanding my requirements carefully before guiding me on the right plan and the investment amount. I would highly recommend their services.

Setu Goyal

CEO, TwigHop

I am grateful for the guidance which has started yielding fruits now. I am quite satisfied with SmartNivesh’s services and patience shown right from the stage of consultation to getting all the paper work and KYC done easily.

Venkatesh Garg

Project Contract Management Head, MNC

SmartNivesh has been very helpful in giving financial consultation to each of my family members. Their senior advisor, M.Bansal, personally helped us all in working out our financial goals and then assessing the amount of money that we should invest. All paperwork also went smoothly. Thank you team SmartNivesh.

Dr. Vijay Balani

Senior Medical practitioner

Smart Nivesh’s team made me aware of the long-term benefits of investing in mutual funds and also how important it is to invest when the market is down. I look forward to building a robust portfolio with them to take care of my goals in the times to come.

Dr Purnima Katyal

Associate Prof. / SBRM College Nagaur


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